Knowledge-speculation During Climate Crises ­- ”When You Say We Belong To The Light We Belong To The Thunder” at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)

”There is a stream of exhibition and biennial projects addressing art in an age of the Anthropocene or emphasising art dealing with post-anthropocentric understandings of the world. These discourses seem to be something that every credible art institution must foster to stay relevant. This development is, of course, part of the political debate that attempts to move the current emphasis towards urgencies and threats that the middle class around the westernised world feel most dire. So, the question arises: what is the role of art institutions, curatorial praxis, and exhibition-making in this situation?”

Deeper Than Skin – Ed Hardy: Art of the New Tattoo

Furthermore, even though tattoos are an inherently difficult medium to preserve and display without the participation of tattooed individuals themselves, the exhibition used several effectively clever ways to depict them in addition to the two displays shown above. Ceiling projections allowed people to see what tattoos might look like on different parts of their bodies. Another display paired original stencils with photographs of the final tattoos as they appeared on customers.

The Long Goodbye

Film screenings of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) came to a closure at the end of last year at Eerikinkatu’s art deco cinema Orion in Helsinki. The long goodbye took the whole autumn. Maybe the most special event was the Grande finale, the screening of four Italian films that took all night in mid-December.

Everybody Ejaculates

On October 24th, 2018, I had the pleasure of experiencing the premiere of Ejaculation: Discussions About Female Sexuality at the Finnish National Theatre’s Willensauna. The