For the Love of Plants


Essi Kausalainen, Travelers, 2016, performance for Bildmuseet, Umeå. Text and Image: Essi Kausalainen Sometimes the things we are looking for appear in places and moments


Text: Heini Myllylä ”It’s a wonderful thing to be chosen, isn’t it? – The Grand Paradise, Third Rail Projects, Brooklyn NYC ART AND EMOTION Making

An Art of Institutions

An Art of Institutions aims to use institutions as a material in the way that canvas, paint or photographic paper are materials. Each institution will react to a project in a specific way.

Packing My Studio

Kuvankaappaus 2015-10-16 kello 14.57.30.png

Packing, it is said, is a form of cleansing because it makes room for new things by forcing one to get rid of things that are not needed anymore.