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Text: Heini Myllylä "It's a wonderful thing to be chosen, isn't it? – The Grand Paradise, Third Rail Projects, Brooklyn NYC ART AND EMOTION Making and encountering art is about expressing and experiencing emotions and thoughts. A piece of art that is thought-provoking, emotional or challenging to the viewer instantly becomes meaningful. Whether the thoughts and emotions that the piece of art awakens in us are the same ones that the artist expressed when creating the piece or had intended the work of art to embody is, in the end
Axel Straschnoy 9.12.2015 “Contra Bürger, the issue is thus not anti-art institutionalism as such, but socially alternative modes of the institutionalization of art,” Peter Osborne, Theorem 4: Autonomy. Can it be true of art and politics at the same time? “If a third wave of institutional critique is to succeed, it will have to make the modern truth of art, which lies buried within the art institution like a public secret, the motor of its critique. Paradoxically, this means that institutional critique must accept the institutio
Text: Pedro Aibéo 1.11.2015 Pictures: Synes Elischka The film starts, but in this one, you can turn your head in any direction and look around. You decide where the camera is pointing! Welcome to the screening of films done in Synes Elischka’s workshop, a show held at Aalto University. The host showed us on the 16th of October 2015, 16 films made by more than 20 film-makers. The results of a hands on, two-week workshop on Virtual Reality (VR) filmmaking; a medium none of the participants had worked with before [1]. Synes Elischka
Axel Straschnoy 16.10.2015 I am packing my studio. Yes, I am. Placing things in boxes and then in bigger boxes. Finding old friends in the back of shelves. Finding things I saved just in case. Finding bits and pieces of works that did not come to be. Or leftovers from works that did come to be. The studio collects the remainders of the activities that takes place in it; things that did not immediately end up in the trash collect in drawers and shelves. Only to be found again when packing. Packing is an act of selection. What of that
14.10.2015 Dear organisers of Mänttä Art Festival, Friends of Mäntän Kuvataideviikot, fellow artists, art workers, and general public, We are individual artists and art workers addressing you collectively. Many of us have participated in the Mänttä Art Festival, including its previous editions. The reason of our letter is a profound concern with the working conditions of artists and art workers within large scale exhibition projects, we believe those conditions need to be openly addressed and changed. Unjust treatment of art