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Saving Lives Through Dance
Text and pictures: Karolin Kent 19.8.2014 When traveling through India one is affected by the numerous children moving around the streets; begging, cleaning, singing and collecting bottles to earn some money. Some are sent out by organised criminals, others by their families. What they all have in common is that their childhood is deprived. Can dance make a change in these individuals’ life? When spending six months in India I experienced a country filled with duality of beauty and horror. A complex entity, which sometimes feels li
Challenging the Piano in 20th Century American Music
Nikolai Sadik-Ogli 23.6.2014 Michael Tilson Thomas of the San Francisco Philharmonic has established a convenient category for a certain type of American composer: the Mavericks. Since 2000, he has used this name for a series of concerts featuring composers such as Aaron Copland, Morton Feldman, Carl Ruggles, Steve Reich, and many others. One common thread throughout the careers of several Mavericks, and a few other American composers and musicians, was a unique attitude towards the use and status of the piano, which, for those born at t
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