Autumn Lectures in Finnish Academy of Fine arts, starting with Thierry Geoffroy on 19.9!

The Studia Generalia lectures are a lively forum for learning and critical discussion; a channel for the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts’ interaction in society; and makes up a part of Open University studies and optional Master’s studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

The instruction sheds light on the arts not only by the means of traditional speeches and lectures, but also via live performances. The instruction is aimed for those actively involved in the field of the arts and art researchers, art enthusiasts and anyone else interested in the topic.

You are welcome to join us – to listen and to debate!

Auditorium, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. In English (except 14.11 in Finnish).

19.9 Thierry Geoffroy
26.9 Nuno Sacramento
3.10 Alma Heikkilä & Antti Majava
17.10 Pontus Raud
31.10 Ernst Billgren
14.11 Reijo Kela
21.11 Malin Lindmark Vrijman
28.11 Joanna Sandell

The 2012 autumn lecture series focuses on artists and organizations establishing new connections between art and ways of living. The new artist initiatives are aiming at more sustainable solutions by creating new cultural activities in the countryside, villages and small towns. What are the processes that open up new areas for art?

The language of the series is English (except 14.11).

Autumn’s first Wednesday Lecture 19.9.: Thierry Geoffroy – Can art prevent accidents?

This fall’s first Wednesday Lecture 19.9. at 18:00 in the Auditorium.
Thierry Geoffroy (aka Colonel): Can art prevent accidents?

Thierry Geoffroy, also known as Colonel, is a French-Danish conceptual artist. He has worked since 1989 developing ART FORMATS as an artistic frame.

The theoretic grounds for the ART FORMATS are provided in the Manifeste Moving Exhibition written by Colonel in 1989. The aim of ART FORMATS are to expand global critical platforms in response to the emergencies existing in the world today. Some of the most known ART FORMATS are: Emergency Room, Critical Run, Debate Rave, Penetration and Biennalist.

Geoffroy’s ART FORMATS can involve up to several hundred participants and are based on a sociological and a psychological starting point concerning debate and collaboration. Thierry Geoffroy is also adamant that contemporary artists and their audience have an obligation to confront current themes – emergencies – today before tomorrow is too late. This is especially visible in the Emergency Room and the Critical Run format in which the participants train their ability to think critically about the emergencies of today whilst reaching a mass audience often facilitated by the Internet.