BARBARA FORMIS – The Urinal and The Syncope Luento Kuvataideakatemiassa 9.3. 2012

Vierailuento Kuvataideakatemian auditoriossa perjantaina 9.3. klo 16-18

Guest lecture in the auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts, Friday 9.3. at

BARBARA FORMIS – The Urinal and The Syncope

History is made by multiple little stories. From now to the future, from the
past to the present, facts are done, things are said, events are registered and
transmitted. Sometimes what happens is new, sometimes is not. History of art has
the same kind of story. The idea of re-enactment and repetition unfolds art
history from Duchamp’s urinal to performance art. What does it mean to
reactivate something that is supposed to be History? What about the little
stories that are told and the little actions that are made? How can little
things construct, deconstruct, restore the past? Is there really a past, a
present? From objects to gestures, there is a new way of approaching the idea
and the experience of time: the syncope as a break down in the line of history.

Barbara Formis is Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Art at the Sorbonne
University of Paris, France.