Can Art Make Us Happy? – lecture at the Univeristy of Helsinki 11.11.2015 14–16

Dr. Kevin Melchionne
11.11.2015 14–16
University of Helsinki Main Building (Aud XIV)

What is well-being? What sorts of features in art make it a significant promoter of well-being? Should some of our established views on aesthetic value, cultural policy, and the funding of the arts be revised when art is acknowledged as an important source of well-being?
Philosopher and artist Dr. Kevin Melchionne will address these questions in his guest lecture “Can Art Make Us Happy?” organized by the Doctoral Programme for Philosophy, Arts, and Society on Wednesday 11.11.2015 14–16 in University of Helsinki Main Building, Auditorium XIV.
Dr. Kevin Melchionne studied philosophy in both the USA and France, receiving a doctoral degree from Stony Brook University. He has published on a variety of topics – e.g. taste, Franz Kafka, art collecting, and gardening – in the major journals of aesthetics such as The British Journal of Aesthetics, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, and Philosophy and Literature. He is also one of the leading figures of the emerging field of everyday aesthetics. Melchionne is also a practicing artist.
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