Everybody Ejaculates*

On October 24th, 2018, I had the pleasure of experiencing the premiere of Ejaculation: Discussions About Female Sexuality at the Finnish National Theatre’s Willensauna. The day after I had a discussion with the director Essi Rossi, performer Julia Rosa Peer and sound designer Sarah Kivi. This text is thus based on experiencing the premiere, the […]

Music For Your Plants In and Out of the Anthropocene

Norman Orro (b. 1986) is an Estonian artist and a graphic designer who also teaches graphic design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. On 26th of October, 2018, Orro performed his project Music For Your Plants at the Kiasma Theatre. I had the chance to talk with Norman about the project and its relation to […]

“Settlers Fighting Alligator from Rowboat” by Joseph Myers, 1946 (Mural in the Lake Worth Post Office)

The Cultural Life of Downtown Lake Worth, Florida, U.S.A.

In this piece, Nikolai Sadik-Ogli outlines certain highlights from the cultural history of Florida as context for a deeper introduction to Lake Worth.

evans final.jpg

Walker Evans and Robert Rauschenberg at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (with Soundtracks)

The exhibition also includes a few of Evans’ paintings, which are similarly flat and two-dimensional like his photographs in such an extreme way that even the tour guide wryly stated that they would not warrant an exhibition of their own.


Remembering the Summer of Love in a Year of Trump

Like many baby-boomers, Donald Trump turned twenty-one years old while attending college in 1967, the year of the Summer of Love.


A Dense, Crepuscular Gathering: Myrkir Músíkdagar / Dark Music Days, Reykjavík 26.-28.1.2017

Text: Lauri Supponen Photos: Arnar Sigurbjörnsson Dark Music Days is a festival of contemporary music organized annually by the Icelandic Composers’ Society. During this darkest period of the year, the city of Reykjavík provides a unique surrounding for contemplating and experiencing a quite challenging programme. Light has an almost sacred status. Sound – luckily – […]

An Art of Institutions

An Art of Institutions aims to use institutions as a material in the way that canvas, paint or photographic paper are materials. Each institution will react to a project in a specific way.

Italo Moncada in Kaivopuisto

Movies where YOU control the camera! Too much freedom?

The film starts, but in this one, you can turn your head in any direction and look around. You decide where the camera is pointing!

Kuvankaappaus 2015-10-16 kello 14.57.30.png

Packing My Studio

Packing, it is said, is a form of cleansing because it makes room for new things by forcing one to get rid of things that are not needed anymore.

Letter to the Friends of Mänttä

We are individual artists and art workers addressing you collectively. The reason of our letter is a profound concern with the working conditions of artists and art workers within large scale exhibition projects.

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