Three weeks ago on a Saturday evening I experienced The Wolf Safari, a participatory wandering performance created by the Other Spaces -collective (Toisissa Tiloissa).


NEW ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON TANGENTIAL POINTS BETWEEN NATURAL SCIENCES AND ARTS Special topic: Influence of A. Bogdanov’s systemic thinking on film arts via the Proletkult-movement We invite abstracts for paper presentations in the two-day international conference to be held at Aalto University, Helsinki, May 15-16, 2014. This new annual conference will bring together international […]

A different solution to the same problem 27.1.2014

Axel Straschnoy 27.1.2014 I came to Finland from a system close to the one Jussi Koitela describes in his text as desirable; being educated as an artist in Argentina and having done the first part of my career there, I was used to participating in curated group exhibitions more than to staging my own solo […]

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Expansion 18.9.2013

Nikolai Sadik-Ogli In August 2009, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) announced its plans for a comprehensive expansion project. After lengthy negotiations with the city, an extensive environmental review process with public comment and the selection of the appropriate architect, actual construction at the current building started with a groundbreaking ceremony on 29 […]


Oakland Art Murmur, First Fridays and the Saturday Art Stroll, 6-7 September 2013

12.9.2013 Nikolai Sadik-Ogli Since 2006, Oakland Art Murmur has hosted exhibitions, artists’ receptions and special events in twenty one art galleries and nine mixed-use venues in downtown Oakland on the first Friday evening of every month. Since many of the galleries are located within only a few blocks of each other, the event provides an […]


Choosing the discards. Tiina Raitanen: Jatkumo / Continuum in Gallery Aarni

Hanna Ohtonen Tiina Raitanen: Sculptures of shavings As the art world seems to be stuck in a limbo over the battle between representation and post-representation, Tiina Raitanen‘s solo exhibition Jatkumo / Continuum in Gallery Aarni gives, with a clear pictorial voice and a sturdy backdrop of concept, a good reason for representation and a good […]

Getting the Message Through. Hans Rosenström’s exhibition In Good Faith

Christine Langinauer A large piece of wall mounted down, half blocking the entrance to a little room in the very back of the gallery. It almost seems to say, “under construction, do not enter.” Like so much of Hans Rosenström’s (b. 1978) art, In Good Faith demands the exhibition visitor to participate, to be present […]

“Just Sounds”: Conlon Nancarrow at 100 13.11.2012

Nikolai Sadik-Ogli 13.11.2012 The centennial of the birth of one of the most innovative and unique twentieth century composers, Conlon Nancarrow, was celebrated in Berkeley on the weekend of 2-4 November 2012 with exhibitions, film showings, informative panel discussions and unique concerts. Nancarrow wrote almost all of his music exclusively for player piano in a […]


The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Art History and The Finnish Doctoral Programme for Literary Studies will organize international conference Imagined Worlds – Worldmaking in Arts and Literature, 21-23, August 2013 at the University of Helsinki. CALL FOR PAPERS: IMAGINED WORLDS – WORLDMAKING IN ARTS AND LITERATURE The conference /Imagined Worlds/ will focus on the imagined […]

For youtube 11.10.2012

Jenna Jauhiainen 11.10.2012 The days are growing shorter, the temperatures decrease and it is time to discuss youtube as a source of art. In answering the question “how many videos are on youtube?” the admins put the amount of content in a rather poetic form: 48 hours of video uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly […]

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