Text: Heini Myllylä ”It’s a wonderful thing to be chosen, isn’t it? – The Grand Paradise, Third Rail Projects, Brooklyn NYC ART AND EMOTION Making

An Art of Institutions

An Art of Institutions aims to use institutions as a material in the way that canvas, paint or photographic paper are materials. Each institution will react to a project in a specific way.

Packing My Studio

Kuvankaappaus 2015-10-16 kello 14.57.30.png

Packing, it is said, is a form of cleansing because it makes room for new things by forcing one to get rid of things that are not needed anymore.

Letter to the Friends of Mänttä

We are individual artists and art workers addressing you collectively. The reason of our letter is a profound concern with the working conditions of artists and art workers within large scale exhibition projects.