Halutaan: Kirjoituksia arkkitehtuurista Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticismiin

The Aesthetics of Architecture: Special Issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
Guest Co-editors: David Goldblatt (Denison University) and Roger Paden (George Mason University)

Submissions on any philosophical subject related to architecture are welcome, but specific interests for this special issue include the following topics: the status of architecture in aesthetics and philosophy, architecture’s relationship to the other arts (for example, materially, when buildings store,
display or present other art forms; and conceptually, when terms – such as ‘audience,’ ‘craft,’ ‘structure,’ or ‘narrative’ – are used in discussions of architecture and other arts), how architecture helps to make a place (for example, places interior to and around buildings) and helps to determine a form of life (for example, its relationships to ethics, self, community, environment, the city, and nature), the cultural role of anonymous and vernacular architecture, philosophical implications of newer building technologies.

Submissions should preferably be under 7500 words and in accord with the general guidelines for submissions. Send submissions electronically as email attachments or by regular mail to both guest editors, indicating clearly that your submission is for the special issue on the aesthetics of architecture.

Submission deadline: January 18, 2010

David Goldblatt goldblatt@denison.edu
Roger Paden rpaden@gmu.edu