Historizing the Avant-Gardes

Nordic Network for Avant-Garde Studies järjestää kansainvälisen seminaari naiheesta
Historizing the Avant-Gardes Kööpenhamissa Marraskuun 19 – 22 2009.

Ohjelma/ Program

Nov 19-22 2009
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Nordic Network for Avant-Garde Studies

Thursday Nov. 19 9.00 – 17.00 Student Conference

20.00 – 22.00 Registration and reception

Friday Nov. 20 9.00 Registration

10.00 Opening Address

10.30 Keynote
Vojtech Lahoda (Karl’s University)

Affinity, Emulation or Adaption?
“Cubism Remake” on Eastern Orbit

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Paper Sessions

Avant-Garde Historiographies

David Cottington: “Like mushrooms overnight: a conjunctural analysis of the emergence of the avant-garde”

Dr. Gökçeçiçek Savaşır : “A map for historizing architectural avant-garde”

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg: “The Apotheoses of the avant-garde – from Marinetti to Badiou”

Reconstructing European Avant-Garde Traditions

Lidia Głuchowska: “The Historiography of the Yiddish Avant-Garde in Poland”

Irina Cărăbaş: „How To Write One’s Own History. The Romanian Avant-Garde Between Anachronism and Revolution”

Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro: “Revising the aporias of the avant-garde”

Cases in Early Nordic Avant-Garde

Torben Jelsbak: Avant-Garde Activism: “The Case of the New Student Society in Copenhagen (1922-24)”

Andrea Kollnitz: “International Influences – Danger or Liberation? Internationalism and Nationalism in Early 20th century Art-criticism”

Irmeli Hautamaki: “The Gender of the Avant-garde – How to write a history of a woman avant-garde artist, Ellen Thesleff as a case?”

Stefan Nygaard: “The journal Euterpe and the Politics of the avant-garde in Finland at the turn of the 20th Century”

15.00 Coffee

15.30 – 17.00 Keynote
Wolfgang Asholt (Osnabrück University)

Theory-Death or Challenge for Art and Literature. What Remains of the Project of the (Historical) Avant-Garde?

Saturday Nov. 21 10.00 Keynote
Malte Hagener
(Lüneburg University)

Routes of Exchange, Imaginary Geographies
Mapping the Networks of the Film Avant-Garde, 1919-39

11.30 Paper Sessions

Historizing Collective Processes in Postwar Avant-Garde

Annika Öhrner: “Historizing a neo- avantgarde in transit, Barbro Östlihn and New York”

Maibritt Pedersen: “Self-organisation and collective historiography”

Laura Luise Schultz: “Re-enactments in the archive – the ”living history” of the avant-garde

Avantgarde music in radio and television in Denmark 1950-90

Agneta Mei Hytten, Jørgen Lekfeldt, Jens Rossel

Cases in Nordic Postwar Avant-Garde

Thomas Hviid Kromann: “The Tradition of Empty Books and Art Works”

Andreas Engström: ” Swedish minimalism during five decades: institutionalized avant-garde, underground, everywhere …”

Elisabeth Friis (confirmed)

Cases in Contemporary Nordic Avant-Garde

Mathias Kockholm: “Networking Little Mags and Small Presses”

Marianne Ølholm: “Contemporary Nordic poetry in a geographical perspective”

Per Bäckström: ”Norwegian Avant-Garde – A Contradiction in Terms? How to write a history of the denied”

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Key Panel
Cultural and Institutional Geographies of the Avant-Gardes

Rikard Schönström: ” Locating the Avant-Garde”

Nils Olsson: “The Swedish 1960’s – What Else is Neo”

Kim Simonsen: “Avant-Gardes of the Faeroe Islands” (confirmed)

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 – 17.00 Key Panel
Avant-Gardes, Technology and Media

Richard Murphy. “The Modernist Avant-Garde, Cinema and Technological Modernity”

Jesper Olsson: “Collaborators in Art and Technology: The Case of Billy Klüver”

Ulrik Ekman: ”A Situative Urban Media Art Event: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Under Scan”

19.00 Conference Dinner

Sunday Nov. 22 10.00 Key Panel
Historizing Early Nordic Avant-Gardes

Hubert van den Berg: ” Nordic avant-garde between historical configuration and historiographic construct

Per Stounbjeg: “Rebels and Renegades – Strindberg, Artaud and the Avant-garde”

Benedikt Hjartarson: ” Rethinking the Project of the Avant-Garde: The Early Nordic Avant-garde and Its Missing Manifestoes”

Dorthe Aagesen: “History writing and curatorial practices”

12.30 Closing address

13.00 Lunch