How to Write about Contemporary Art? III Artishok Biennale catalogue published


How to Write about Contemporary Art? III Artishok Biennale catalogue published in Lulu and Amazon online stores

On Thursday 21st February III Artishok Biennale catalogue is presented in Solaris Apollo book store in Tallinn, Estonia. For the English readers and e-readers, the catalogue is concurrently published in Lulu and Amazon online stores.

Artishok Biennale is an experimental exhibition format brought to life in 2008 in Tallinn, prompted by a vacuum in the noughties art criticism – especially in the generational young art criticism – but also by the wish to examine the automatic procedures of the art world and untangle the clusters of symbolic capital. 10 young artists, 10 young critics, and 10 intense exhibition days with a new show presenting one work of art and ten reviews opening each morning.

The catalogue rewinds working process of III Artishok Biennale, allowing to observe how solid final outcomes turn to sketchy initial designs, installed exhibitions in the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia in autumn to nominations in the web platform Artishok in spring. Though lion`s share is taken by one hundred critical reviews that, side by side, make us ponder upon how to write about contemporary art? How to describe that which challenges existing language?

The foreword is written by citizen activist and cultural theorist Tarmo Jüristo, whereas New York based sociologist Alix Rule and artist David Levine ask in their notorious critique whether the International Art English that accompanies contemporary art worldwide, has come to serve anything but exclusive ends? And in the end, as we live in an era of biennales, one of the founders of Artishok Biennale, Maarin Mürk calls for organising art criticism biennales all around the world.

The 290 page catalogue with black and white reproductions is edited and published by Liisa Kaljula, designed by Tuuli Aule and Jaan Evart, and printed on demand by Lulu Press. All the texts are in Estonian and English.

The catalogue is available either in paperback or as an e-book in Lulu and Amazon online stores:


Liisa Kaljula
III Artishok Biennale curator

III Artishoki Biennaal. Kuidas kirjutada kaasaegsest kunstist?
III Artishok Biennale. How to Write about Contemporary Art?
Paperback and e-book, 290 pp

Curator, editor, and publisher:
Liisa Kaljula

Tuuli Aule ja Jaan Evart

Liisa Kaljula, Tarmo Jüristo, Alix Rule, David Levine

Maarin Mürk

Participating artists:
Art Allmägi (EST), Madis Katz (EST), Epp Kubu (EST), Andrus Lauringson (EST), Ats Parve (EST), Tanel Rander (EST), Triin Tamm (EST), Timo Toots (EST), Paco Ulman (EST), Anu Vahtra (EST).

Participating critics:
Saara Hacklin (FIN), Indrek Grigor (EST), Marian Kivila (EST), Mihkel Kunnus (EST), Oliver Laas (EST), Meelis Oidsalu (EST), Šelda Puķīte (LV), Gregor Taul (EST), Annika Toots (EST), Triin Tulgiste (EST).

Paul Kuimet

Estonian language editors:
Keiu Virro, Maria Mölder, Elnara Taidre

English language editors:
Paul Emmet, Matthew Hyde, Dirk Lloyd, Peeter Talvistu

Merli Kirsimäe, Hendrik Koger, Kristiina Raud, Saskia Salakka

Print and distribution:
Lulu Press