*IMAGINING SPACES / PLACES* conference 24 – 26. 8. 2011 in Helsinki

An international interdisciplinary conference
*24-26 August 2011, University of Helsinki, Finland

*Conference venue*: University of Helsinki, Main building (Fabianinkatu 33).

Literature and art mediate our experiences of the spaces and places surrounding us as well as within us. In contemporary discussion we use, besides the old term ‘landscape’, other ‘scapes’ which reflect a new interest and new thinking with regard to spaces: we speak of cityscapes, bodyscapes, mindscapes and even memoryscapes, and their relationships to one another. The intertwining of what, of old, was called ‘macrocosm’ (nature and society) and ‘microcosm’ (body and mind) and the role various art forms and media play in articulating and negotiating these chiasmic encounters is the focal point of the *Imagining Spaces / Places *conference*. *How* *are* * the interfaces between ‘the place in you and you in the place’ depicted? How are these imagined and material landscapes gendered and sexualized?

Wednesday 24 August

10.00–12.15 Registration
12.15–12.30 Opening
12.30–13.30 Keynote 1 – *Irit Rogoff*
/On Singularity and Knowledge/
13.30–14.00 Coffee
14.00–15.30 Sessions
15.30–16.00 Refreshments
16.00–17.30 Sessions
18.00-20.00 Rector’s reception

* Thurday 25 August*

09.15-10.00 Coffee
10.00-11.00 Keynote 2 – *Bart Keunen*
/Urban Imagery between enchantment and disenchantment. Diagnostics of Modernity in the Urban Novel/
11.00–12.30 Sessions
12.30–14.00 Lunch break
14.00–15.30 Sessions
15.30–16.00 Coffee
16.00–17.30 Sessions
19.00–22.00 Conference dinner (Hima & Sali)

*Friday 26 August*

09.15–10.00 Coffee
10.00–11.30 Sessions
11.30–13.00 Lunch break
13.00–14.00 Keynote 3 – *Claire Farago*
/Memory and Place from the Red Center of Australia to the Periphery of Paris: To See the Frame that Blinds Us/
14.00-14.15 Closing words
14.30-16.00 Guided art historical tour on the City Centre Campus

Keynote speakers:
*Professor **Claire Farago,* Early Modern Art, Theory, and Criticism, University of Colorado, Boulder, United States
***Professor Bart Keunen*, Comparative Literature, Ghent University, Belgium
***Professor Irit Rogoff*, Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Great Britain

The conference seeks to produce an interdisciplinary dialogue between art history, literature and gender studies and it is is organized by
the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Art History,
the Finnish Doctoral Programme for Literary Studies and
the Finnish Research School in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Please find more information on the conference and the accepted abstracts in our blog: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/imagining-spaces-places/

The registration for the conference is now open and will close on 24 July, 2011. For registration and information on the registration fees, please go to https://blogs.helsinki.fi/imagining-spaces-places/registration/

* Welcome!*