Moscow Conceptualism Symposium at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts – March the 13th, 2012

Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki
Tel. +35850 452 4432 (Kimmo Sarje)


10.00 Markus Konttinen & Kimmo Sarje: Opening

10.15 Kimmo Sarje: After Erosion

11.15 Vadim Zakharov: The Freedom of the Artist

12.30 Mikhail Mindlin et alii: Dom na Furmannom (House on the Furmanny Pereulok Lane) (Film)

13.30 Lunch

14.45 Yury Albert: Untitled

15.30 Viktor Skersis: The Evolution of Conceptual Art into Conceptualism

16.30 Tomi Huttunen: Moscow Conceptualist Poetry Challenging Authorship – Dimitri Prigov & Lev Rubinshtein

17.30 Conclusion

18.00 Opening in the Kaiku Gallery: Fragments of Moscow Conceptualisim Re-enacted by Yury Albert and Vadim Zakharov

Näyttely Kaiku-galleriassa- Exhibition in the Kaiku Gallery

Juri Albert & Vadim Zaharov:

Moskovan konseptualismin fragmentteja re-enacted

Fragments of Moscow Conceptualisim Re-enacted