Nordic Contemporary Artists at Wednesday Lectures, Kuva, Spring 2012

Wednesday Lectures at Kuvataideakatemia, Spring 2012

This spring we have the pleasure of arranging, with support from Svenska Kulturfonden, a Wednesday Lecture series presenting contemporary artists from Scandinavia.

The aim is to have eight visual artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland to present and discuss their art at the Academy. The series will run from Wednesday 14 March to Wednesday 2 May. Gertrud Sandqvist will give the opening-lecture on 14 March.

Instead of defining a topic to cover all these artists, we wish to look at the multiplicity of aesthetical and intellectual perspectives of the contemporary art by present-day Nordic artists.


Contact: irmeli.kokko (at)


14.3. OBS! 17.00-20.00

Gertrud Sandqvist

Henrik Plenge-Jakobsen

21.3 Lars Lauman

28.3 Erik Steffensen

4.4. Kira Wager

11.4.Örn Alexander Amundason

18.4. Martin Karlsson

25.4. Sigrid Sandström

2.5. Sven-Olov Wallenstein



21.3.2012 Lars Laumann: “This video plays like a deleted scene”

Auditorium 18.00

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

Address: Kaikukatu 4

Lars Laumann (Norway 1977) will show parts of and talk about his works, Morrissey Foretelling the Death of Diana 2007, Berlinmuren 2008, Shut up Child, This aint Bingo 2010 and Helen Keller (and the great purging bonfire of books and unpublished manuscripts illuminating the dark) 2010.

Since 2005, Norwegian artist Lars Laumann (b. 1975) has used video as a means to investigate alternative realities and interests, from pop-culture fandom to the Internet to marginal or hidden lifestyles. Laumann’s films illuminate these realities from the point of view of an insider, not an outside commentator, capturing the subjective side of experience. His work is engaging, uncomfortable, voyeuristic, hardly believable; it breaks through the mundane to reveal something both thoughtful and provocative.