Sateenkaaren tuolla puolen/Beyond the Rainbow

What’s it like to live as a non-heterosexual in 2009? What are the topical questions now, after 40 years of the birth of the Gay Liberation Front? Has the increased visibility of lesbians and gays also increased their tolerance in society? Does it even matter, to which sexual category one belongs? What do they do, who do not want to register their partnership or make babies? Which forms of sexuality are forbidden or tabu? What is sexual anarchism today?

These and other questions are analyzed in the 10th anniversary art exhibition of the lesbian culture week The Nights and Days of the Tribades’ exhibition “Beyond the Rainbow”.

Participating artists are Viva Granlund, Corinna Helenelund, Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki, Katariina Katla, Anne Koskinen, Laura Lilja, Heidi Lunabba and Kaija Papu.

The exhibition is curated by Ph.D. Annamari Vänskä.

Näyttely 14.9 . – 27.9. Gallery G 18 Helsinki. Avajaiset klo 17.00