SOCIABILITY AND HUMAN NATURE: An International Symposium
12–14 August, 2010 Helsinki

Organized by Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS), the Finnish Academy Centre of Excellence in Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics and the Department of World Cultures.
Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, lecture room, Fabianinkatu 24, 1st floor

THURSDAY 12, August

9.30 Welcome, Sami Pihlström (Director of HCAS)
Chair: Simo Knuuttila
9.45–11.15 Plenary
Dr. Noel Malcolm (Oxford): Hobbes on Sexual Desire
11.30 –12.15 Siegfried van Duffel (Hong Kong): Will and Rights in Hobbes and Suaréz


Chair: Vili Lähteenmäki
13.15–14.00 Juhana Lemetti (Helsinki): Sociability in Hobbes’s Reaction to Aristotelian Essentialism
14.15–15.00 Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): Sociability in Berkeley’s Moral Philosophy


15.30–16.30 Eva Piirimäe (Tartu): German Enlightenment Debates on Sociability, Patriotism, and Love of Mankind

FRIDAY 13, August

Chair: Lilli Alanen
9.30–11.00 Plenary
Prof. Sarah Hutton (Aberystwyth): Sociability, Philosophy and Early Modern Female Philosophers: the Case of Damaris Masham
11.15–12.00 Martina Reuter (Helsinki): Sociability in Mary Wollstonecraft


Chair: Juhana Lemetti
13.15–14.00 Ericka Tucker (Atlanta): Between Metaphysics and Politics: Spinoza’s Social Philosophy
14.15–15.00 Ville Lähde (Tampere): The Ambigious Nature of Natural Men in Rousseau’s Second Discourse


15.30–16.30 Christopher Brooke (Cambridge): The Foundations of Sociability in Grotius and Rousseau

SATURDAY 14, August
Chair: Sami-Juhani Savonius-Wroth
9.45–11.00 Plenary
Prof. Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley): Hobbes from Equality to Sociability
11.15–12.00 Kari Saastamoinen (Helsinki): Locke, Natural Equality and Basic Equality


Chair: Ville Paukkonen
13.15–14.00 Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki): Change in the Conception of Sociability and Human Nature in the Works of Bernard Mandeville
14.15–15.00 Markku Roinila (Helsinki): Leibniz on Sociability and the Perfect State


15.30–17.00 Plenary
Prof. Catherine Wilson (Aberdeen): War as Pathology, War as Norm

All welcome!

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