15.4.2009 Toshie Takeuchi

Dance (2009), Video installation, loop 2 min, dimensions variable, video, a projector, mixed media

There is a peculiar moment that you slightly expect something unexpected will happen.

There is time when you feel strange but comfortable.

There is something you would realize, if someone else focus on it.

“Dance” 2009 is a video installation. It deals with the interpretation of specific time and images in our everyday life, which might exist in our subconscious. If, accidentally, all necessary elements meet together, they will become perfect and appear in front of you.

A 2mins video made by hundreds of photographs is projected on a floor. It is surrounded by ordinary objects of a living room. Viewers are invited to sit on a sofa and interact with the images of the video projection. Furthermore, the installation is located in a space where the daylight comes through. Daylight makes the projection almost invisible; however, when the sky gets darker, the image becomes more visible and sharper.

In this installation, I carefully examined my feeling when I met the cockroach struggling. I used a fragment of my mental experience to represent extraordinary in ordinary moment. Also the investigation of the attribute of light and its usage is used as a part of the installation to play with our observing attitude.