Everyone Who Has Ever Asked Me to Jump (2008–2009)

15.4.2009 Bita Razavi

Video installation (color, sound)
dimensions variable
Original language: Persian, English
Duration : 10’02” (loop)

The projection shows the artist coming down the spiral staircase, which seems to be endless. The video is projected on pieces of mirrors hanging from the ceiling. The mirrors are splitted into several pieces and the reflections on them appear as a cubistic moving image on a white surface – in this case is the glass door of the gallery. The video is silent except approximately every 50 seconds for one or a few short sentences. The voices ask the artist to jump and to trust.

00:48 You don’t need to come down Bita. Jump, I’ll catch you.
01:33 Please Bita, you can jump down.
02:17 What if you don’t?
03:02 Then, for the first time you were not joking. Or maybe you were, at first. But now we say: It was the first time that you didn’t joke that you would have jumped down.
03:58 Why this button is down?
It is recording your voice, your voice and mine.
Why both of the buttons are down?
To let your voice go in.
The red one, is it also recording?
04:50 Bita, I guess the best thing to do is to jump… but, take your time… I think it’s the best to do now.
05:45 ?Bita, you’re wasting your time again. Jump.
06:18 You can jump down now.
07:00 Bita, you don’t need to walk all these stairs down. I’ll catch you if you jump.
07:53 But, what if you don’t?
09:03 It’s only five meters down.