Inverted hole

15.4.2009 Fabian Olovson

Video installation, projection (loop 3 min), dimensions 70×70 cm

I started to search for a space in the wall. I experimented with the form of the hole to see how it marks the physical construction of a wall. What will happen to a hole if I inverse it and make it negative? I focused more and more on the hole as a structure and a mass. I wanted to visualize a solid hole.

It is a dark hole, which has black as its opposite. It is an organic form that involves a vertical and horizontal skeleton. This artificial skeleton
visualizes the irregular movements.

I am creating a projection that may bring thought to todays 3D computer
animations, but this constantly out and in turning hole is old and worn and has existed long time before the computers were invented. It is only now that it has been made visible.