Tracing the Borders Kuvataideakatemiassa

Sarah Walters Keskiviikkoluennolla 21.4. klo. 18.00
Auditorio, Kuvataideakatemia, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki
(Alkavalla viikolla 14.4. ei ole keskiviikoluentoa.)

Sarah Walters kertoo projektistaan Tracing the borders – jossa 35 uransa alussa
olevaa taiteilijaa Euroopan eri kaupungeista on tuottanut
internetin kautta tekstijulkaisun joka käsittelee taiteilijakoulutusta,
taiteellisen työskentelyn ehtoja ja olosuhteita.

Tracing the borders: A collective reaction from emerging European artists to
their contemporary cultural environment was conceived for the Trondheim
bi-annual, Manufacturing Today, in 2009. Manufacturing Today, curated by
Cristina Ricupero, is a five-year research project with student participation,
working within the context of art and education. The bi-annual seeks to
question what art education is for, how art education functions alongside the
art market, and ultimately, what it means to be an “artist”.

Created through a number of email conversations Tracing the borders began with a
single question. Artists were asked to answer the initial question and to then
ask another participant of their choosing a new question. This structure was
followed throughout; eliciting over one hundred and fifty questions and answers
among the group of artists.

The resulting text raises a variety of topics that preoccupy the minds of
contemporary emerging artists practicing today. Those currently based in
England, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Finland and Denmark discuss their
experiences of the differing conditions in the art scenes that they have been
part of. From London to Jerusalem to Lapland, the discussion
raises questions about art education systems, governments’ roles in the art
environment and the prevailing attitudes towards emerging artists in each