Australialaisen Jacobus Caponen juhannusperformanssi Kaapelitehtaalla

the calm nocturne through close white touch (Réversibilities)
a durational performance from 3:56am June 21 till 2:17am June 23
The Cable Factory, Valssaamo
Tallberginkatu 1, V-door

Act 1) 3:56am June 21 – 10:51pm June 21
Act 2) 10:51pm June 21 – 2:22pm June 22
Act 3) 2:22pm June 22 – 2:17am June 23

Viewing times:
11am-6pm June 21
11am-8pm June 22

The 21st of June will signal the summer solstice here in Finland, the following day will signal the winter solstice in Perth Western Australia. The longest day will be mirrored by the longest night. The sun will stand still in declination, before reversing its direction.
The following gesture to be carried out in Valssaamo will be constituted by three parts constructing a whole, exploring a sense of reconciliation and acknowledgement: for that which was, and will never be, and proposes that for one or the other of us one moment, may perceive (in the shadow and its movement) what in the other world is meant, by the gesture which makes one live.

Jacobus Capone